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Loyalty program

Loyalty program "One Harmony"

One Harmony is the Free enrollment fee, Free annual fee, loyalty program run by Okura Hotels, Nikko Hotels and Hotel JAL City in worldwide. Other than earning points several privileges will be provided every time when you stay. Join us thru Website or ask at Front when you arrive hotel.

ホテルJALシティ青森限定 入会特典

Privilege only for members

Room privilegesMembers
Free Newspaper
Quick Check-in
Late Check-out-
Room upgrade--
  • ※Loyal/Exclusive members will receive Free Stay coupon and other privileges other than gaining bonus points.
  • ※Privilege are provided when making TEL reservation or by Web, or thru Okura Nikko Hoetel Reservation Center.
  • ※Please show us the card upon Check-in.

Local privilege

Room discount price
Early Check-in-13:0013:00
Bottle Water-
5% OFF at Restaurant

Restaurant Coupon

Enjoy Restaurant at Discount Price

La Sera5%

Bonus Mileage

JAL mileage has more advantage to accumulate when to stay with J-SMART plan.

Nikko Hoetel JAL CityLoyal
JMB Bonus Mile10%30%

Birthday Privilege

Applies in between 30 days to the birthday

50% OFF at Suite Room(※1)Deluxe Twin
Birthday Desert(※2)La Sera
  • ※(※1)Kindly claim upon usage.
  • ※(※2)Birthday Desert will be provided upon your meal.
    Please reserve 2 days in advance for Birthday privilege.

New EnrollmentApplication for 24h

Click here to apply.

Accummulate points

One Harmony points will be accummulated every time to use hotel within the chain group.

Point Accummulation

One Harmony points will be accummulated by hotel stay, dine & wine at restaurant. (including Tax & Service)

Hotel Stay

20points for every 1,000yen


10points for every 1,000yen

  • ※Point Accummulation and the number of points may be different upon facility or plans.
  • ※It applies for booking thru Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center, Hotel WEB or direct hotel reservations.
  • ※Membership number is necessary upon Reservation, and is required to show at Front upon Check-in.

Status Upgrade

You will be upgraded to Exclusive or Royal status upon achieving required points to number of stay wihin a year (from Jan - Dec)


over 5,000points
or over 10 Room Nights


over 15,000points
or over 30 Room Nights

  • ※Point Accummulation and the number of points may be different upon facility or plans.

Bonus Points

Bonus Points will be given to Royal/Exclusive members





  • ※Royal/Exclusive members will receive Stay Coupon and some privileges other than bonus points.

Maximum Expiry of the points is 3 years + 1 month.
Points will be gained immediately when to join the program, and will be extended from next year Jan 1st for 25 months, end of Jan.

Maximum Expiry of the points is 3 years + 1 month.

New EnrollmentApplication for 24h

Click here to apply.

Use Point

Accummulate points can be exchanged to several gifts

Stay Award (Twin Use per Room)

You can stay as you request in accordance to the points

  • 4,000 points…Standard Twin
  • 7,000 points…Comfort Twin
  • 7,000 points…Deluxe Twin
  • 8,000 points…Deluxe Corner Twin
  • ※1,000 points discounted during Promotion (Apr-Nov 2018, Jan-Mar 2019)
Upgrade Award (1 Room per Night)

You will be upgraded to better Room by using points.

  • 1,000 points…Standard Twin ⇒ Comfort Twin
  • 1,000 points…Standard Twin ⇒ Deluxe Twin
  • 2,000 points…Standard Twin ⇒ Deluxe Corner Twin
  • ※Upgrade Award may not be applied depending on the stay plan. Please check to us.
  • ※Once conforming redemption, your point credit will be redeemed automatically. Please note the cancellation will not be accepted.
  • ※Upgrade Award will be excluded Aug 2-7, or any days when hotel is full.
  • Dining Award
    (Breakfast Award)

    Breakfast Award 600 points for Adult, 300 points for Kids. (4-12 years)

  • Hoel Original Award
    (Premium Lunch)

    Weekly Premium Lunch 800 points (Half Fish & half Meat)

  • Pay by Points

    500 yen by 350 points, 1,000 yen by 700 points, applied to Hotel Stay and at La Sera.

New EnrollmentApplication for 24h

Click here to apply.